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  • outstanding A Leaders Guide to cqc application

    Outstanding A Leaders Guide to Effective CQC Registration

    [caption id="attachment_774" align="alignnone" width="254"]CQC Registration - Outstanding A Leaders Guide Outstanding a Leaders Guide to Effective CQC Registration[/caption]

    Outstanding is for people who are starting a regulated activity within aesthetics practice.

  • values

    Practising Privileges Package


    using a Practising Privileges Package ensures that all those people who rent a room or are self-employed and cover shifts are doing so safely.

  • time managemnt

    Productivity With Purpose Toolkit To improve effectiveness


    These are  files that will help you to be effective with your time.    Time is  infinite.   How we use it and the energy we have is important.  Without planning we do not know if the tasks we are undertaking will take us to our goal . Planning your tasks and aligning them with your goal  will help you to move towards  your goal step by step  in consistent daily action. The bundle includes:

    A template  for organising your list of tasks into priority using the Stephen Covey Quadrant,  this will reduce overwhelm and give you a clear focus for what tasks to do first so you are moving towards your goal.

    An evaluation to find out where you are spending your time and see where you can make improvements: This is important if your spending time on activities that are not  producing any results you can change to those that do.

    A 90 day E planner and a minimilist one that you can print off  to work in the way that suits you:   90 days  planning gives us a rythmn to work with and is  enough time to see what is working and what needs to improve, so that your not finding out at the end of the year that you have been focussing on tasks that are not creating results.

    Tips on how to make the most of your electronic calender.

    How 90 day planning works

    Here is a testimonial from Hayey Wheeler :I have always been organised with work but when planning was being mentioned, it became clear I was not confident and reluctant to plan. Taruna invited me to have a session on planning, it was amazing, she explained how to break planning down and integrate planning for family time, non negotiable time, task and client time in advance. All of a sudden I couldn’t; understand why I had been so reluctant, just one session made me feel confident in planning, Thanks Taruna, I urge anyone struggling with planning to book time with Taruna, it’s so beneficial.



  • Skills Training Matrix

    Simple Staff Training Matrix



    Staff Training Matrix

    The CQC and HIS require organisations to have a  staff training matrix for their company.  If you need a simple training matrix this is for you.  Include your mandatory training for employees and any additional training requirements as required for staff personal development.    The organisation needs to show it is keeping staff skills and competency  up to date.  Ensure that key training due dates are not missed with conditional formatting that shows you at a glance which courses are due for refresher training.  If you require support with the CQC standards  have a look here:

  • CQC - Compliance Case Study

    Single Assessment Framework Toolkit


    Single Assessment Framework Toolkit to make it easier to be compliant. The quality statements show how services and providers need to work together to plan and deliver high quality care.

    Continuous Quality Framework

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