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  • outstanding A Leaders Guide to cqc application

    Outstanding A Leaders Guide to Effective CQC Registration

    [caption id="attachment_774" align="alignnone" width="254"]CQC Registration - Outstanding A Leaders Guide Outstanding a Leaders Guide to Effective CQC Registration[/caption]

    Outstanding is for people who are starting a regulated activity within aesthetics practice.

  • values

    Practising Privileges Package


    using a Practising Privileges Package ensures that all those people who rent a room or are self-employed and cover shifts are doing so safely.

  • Skills Training Matrix

    Simple Staff Training Matrix



    Staff Training Matrix

    The CQC and HIS require organisations to have a  staff training matrix for their company.  If you need a simple training matrix this is for you.  Include your mandatory training for employees and any additional training requirements as required for staff personal development.    The organisation needs to show it is keeping staff skills and competency  up to date.  Ensure that key training due dates are not missed with conditional formatting that shows you at a glance which courses are due for refresher training.  If you require support with the CQC standards  have a look here:

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