Quality Success Framework

My 5 Step Quality Success Framework

Positioning your regulated business for a thorough inspection by the CQC can be a daunting experience for most service providers but at T Chauhan Consultancy I work with you as a “critical friend”.

By the time the inspection team arrives you will me more than ready. I do this by using my Quality Success Framework, supporting you long term, getting to know both your business and you thereby enabling me to support you in your business.

A one size fits all approach does not work. I do not believe one off mock inspection work either. All that gives is a snapshot of your business. By working with me I get a long-term picture and thereby work with you on your continuous improvement.

Continuous Quality Framework

Rather then gathering the information when the inspector requests it; I help you have the information ready so when the inspector asks for it . You can update it quickly and submit the Provider Information Report without getting overwhelmed.

This is a crucial reporting mechanism that CQC use to assess how providers view themselves in terms of quality against five key questions which form part of the inspection process. Under the Health & Social Care Act, 2014 providers should have this information readily available. Rather than gathering the information when the PIR arrives. I ensure you have the evidence gathered that you require for your regulated activity.

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