Time Management Strategy Toolkit To improve effectiveness


These are  files that will help you to be effective with your time.    Time is an infinite thing. How we use it and the energy we have is important.  Without planning we do not know if the tasks we are undertaking will take us to our goal . Planning your tasks and aligning them with your goal  will help you to move towards  your goal step by step  in consistent daily action. The bundle includes:

A template  for organising your list of tasks into priority using the Stephen Covey Quadrant

an evaluation to find out where you are spending your time and see where you can make improvements

A 90 day E planner and a minimilist one that you can print off work in the way that suits you

Tips on how to make the most of your electronic calender.

How 90 day planning works




This Time management  Strategy Toolkit will enable you to  improve your time managment and be more effective  on a consistent basis.  It will help you with your time managment strategy. In this fast paced world it  can be overwhelming where we are trying to juggle many priorities.  Planning our week gives us the overview of what our week looks like. It can show us where we can make changes.

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