importance of networking


Today was an interesting day. I go networking with Woman Who, I have been networking with them ever since it started. I know Sandra who started it. It was a great atmosphere as always. I have made acquaintances and friends, one was over mistaken identity, (a story for another day). I was able to have a meeting with a lady I had met several times. The face to face meeting enabled both of us to find out more about each other. We were able to support each other with ideas.

Importance of Networking

Networking both face to face and online is important, don’t be the best-kept secret. Networking is a good way to get to know people. People buy from those they know like and trust.  Networking is a long game. Today was an opportunity to find out more about what we each do we set up the meeting ahead of the networking it’s a good use of time to add meetings to other events as it reduces travel time. The meeting was really useful for both of us This would not have happened if we had not met several times at Woman Who, and said hello.

Networking Meeting Over Coffee

Woman Who Boardroom

I also attended the pilot of Woman Who Boardroom, although I was a bit hesitant about it it actually was a good thing to do, as business owners and even as a mentor I need to be able to sense check my ideas and being able to do so in a safe place is always good. Being able to give advice to others from my own experience is a great feeling.

I enjoy mentoring and helping new startups and I found that being in the boardroom was a great opportunity to share my expertise about different platforms and about the kind of support that is available. We are also able to hold each other accountable. I work well when I am held accountable.

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