IV Infusion Therapy

IV infusion therapy is increasingly used as a treatment by medical professionals. It was only available in hospitals but now it is available in clinics.  It is a quick way to get vitamins into the body as it goes straight into the bloodstream. 

A Vitamin drip is a type of infusion that can administer vitamins, minerals, hydration, and medications to the body through an IV drip.

Different infusions can be used for such areas as wellness, illness prevention, enhanced beauty, and even hangovers, ( a popular one is a Myers Cocktail). It can also be used for improved athletic recovery. 

IV Drip Vitamin Infusion Therapy Saline Bag

These reported benefits obviously vary from patient to patient

The  Care Quality Commission (CQC) undertook assessments and investigations of those providing iv therapy and concluded that they needed to be CQC registered. The CQC is constantly updating what is under the scope, for the safety of the public.  

Under the CQC’s classification system, IV treatment now falls under their regulation of ‘treatment of disease, disorder, or injury. 

The information provided on the CQC website is as follows:

Intravenous (IV) products

“Intravenous administration of vitamins or products that are prescription only medicine (including 0.9% saline) that are used to improve or enhance wellbeing constitutes treatment of a disease or disorder. We consider a ‘disease’ to include a pathophysiological response to internal or external factors, and a disorder to include disruption to regular bodily structure and function.

If you provide intravenous administration services you will need to register for the regulated activity if the procedures you offer:

  • are delivered by, or under the supervision of, a listed healthcare professional; AND
  • include administering prescription-only products intravenously OR products that require a prescription when delivered in intravenous form; AND claim to alter a person’s physiological state in response to a defined concern.
  • We do not consider this type of procedure to be alternative or complementary medicine.”

What does it mean to be registered with the CQC? You will need a governance process, Quality assurance, policies in place, show appropriate training and ensure you take consent and have a process for evaluating the iv therapy needs of patients. 

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