Its important to provide feedback

Are you providing feedback to your employees?

Do they know they did a task well?

Are you doing this consistently?
Did you know that performance is improved by consistent feedback?
“Feedback motivates, and is an essential part of every high performance business system.” Ron Carroll

Feedback is important for performance management and appraisal.  Employees need to be told  during induction that their performance will be managed .  That  set criteria, or key performance indicators will be used for each job role. When an  employee knows from the outset what level of work is expected from them they will be better placed to meet the standards expected of them.  They will also know if they have fallen short or excelled, best practice can be used consistently meaning that the organisation as a whole excels and is more likely to achieve a good overall rating.

Next steps:
Look at your core business systems and processes. Do the people in your business know how they are performing in relation to their goals?
Do they know when they have excelled, equally do they know when they haven’t?
Do they continually strive to improve the system and themselves? If they don’t get feedback they won’t know if improvement is wanted or required the culture will be one of “ we have always done it this way”

Frequency of feedback improves performance.


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