Introducing our Care Certificate Package

Training new staff is important. With the demise of the common induction standards and the introduction of the Care Certificate it is important to have an easy way of keeping track of training.

The Care Certificate came into force from March 2015 and replaces the Common Induction standards and the minimum standards. It applies to anyone working in the health and social care sector and was developed to provide a basis from which workers can further develop their knowledge and skills. The Care Certificate is made up of 15 standards mapped across 4 key resource areas.

Working alongside our partners we have created a “Care Certificate Package” a comprehensive training programme designed to to induct your new staff. The package covers all your basic staff training needs  in a format that is easy to access and monitor.

The ‘Care Certificate Package’ is available through our on-line training portal and easy for your team to access. It is 100% compliant, accredited and designed to meet the new guidelines for all care workers and care providers.

Our training package  includes 15 work based competency assessment workbooks, covering each standard so learners are able to provide the ‘on the job’ evidence whilst working with their assessors/ mentors.

Access to our training portal is free, you only pay for the courses you want to book on and currently we have 7 free courses available.
To access our Training Portal please contact me with your contact details including company name, full name, telephone and email address.

Once  set up  you receive an email to set up your password and then you have access to browse our training site and view the courses available to you and your staff.

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