Meet CQC Standards Expert Taruna Chauhan

Taruna Chauhan (TChauhan Consultancy)

CQC Standards Expert

After many years in quality management for the NHS, I decided to start my consultancy business with a view to supporting the providers to do a better job through creating efficient processes and recruiting staff with strong values. These values include a passion to work in the sector, a capable approach, a positive attitude and a sense of compassion so that the people who use services received person-centred care or treatment.

CQC Standards Expert in Health Care

My Passion

Is to work holistically with my client’s I look at the whole business. The CQC standards are just part of what is needed to have a successful business. I bring in my skills as a business owner and mentor as well as coaching. I roll up my sleeves when necessary whilst giving you the tools to have a continuously improving organisation.

Contact me today to find out how I can help you and your healthcare business.

My Approach

I am here to make your life easier, to help you put procedures into place within your business so you can concentrate on delivering quality care.

I believe that care should be client centred.  Therefore, anyone using your service can have the best possible care with the least possible risk.

I do this by helping you as a service provider to develop a strong Corporate Governance Strategy that encompasses all the areas of any professional and compliant healthcare business. Thereby enabling your business to meet compliance standards, effectively manage their processes and set up a system of continuous improvement as part of your Business Strategy.

Moving away from task-driven processes to people-centred care, I work with you and your staff to empower you all to implement the standards with confidence.

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