CQC Registration Case Study

CQC Registration: The Situation

I was contacted by the service provider as they needed help with their application to be registered with the CQC. They found the CQC website confusing and hard to navigate and were not sure which forms needed to be completed or how much detail was required.

QCQ Logo - Care Quality Commission - CQC Registration

Obstacles of CQC Registration

The Service Provider has already been providing supported living but it had been out of scope of the CQC registration; however they were going to embark on personal care which is in scope. They realised they would have to update documentation and now had to meet quality assurance requirements in line with CQC.

CQC Registration Compliance Skills

Actions needed before CQC Registration

I had meetings with the service provider to ascertain what they were going to do and whether they would be classed as a homecare service. I then helped them to complete all the forms required by typing in all the details ensuring all attachments were with the forms, ensured they had completed the DBS forms, before applying for registration. I then checked all the forms for accuracy before the service provider sent them to CQC.

Victory getting the CQC Registration completed.

The application was received by CQC. A meeting was set up with the Registered Manager and they asked for certain actions to be taken. I had a further meeting with the client to put together an action plan to provide the relevant information to CQC. Part of this was to provide a training matrix which I devised for the client as an excel spreadsheet – this was in a format that could be sent to the CQC. I also helped them with the software package which was purchased to keep track of all the CQC Standards. Once all relevant information has been provided to the CQC they will receive their registration ID.

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