Good or Outstanding CQC Rating?

The affect of CQC Ratings

CQC Rating Success

To work towards a Good or Outstanding CQC Rating, a service provider needs to fully understand what kind of evidence the CQC is looking for, it is important to understand how much enforcement power the CQC now has.  

A Poor rating also reflects badly on your reputation, as we know reputations are hard-won, but easily lost. The State of Care Report 2015-2016 states that those organisations which received a Good or Outstanding had strong visible leadership and the management team was aware of the organisation’s areas of strength but also the areas where improvements were needed.

In the businesses which achieved an Outstanding or Good staff were more engaged and involved in decision making.  The best providers had a focus on how to improve services and collaborated with others to make this happen.  

The Well Led KLOE is consistently the one that is marked as inadequate or requires improvement.  Poor safety means that probably there are poor processes and systems in place, which are the remit of management.  

If staff do not have the right tools to do their job they will fail in their responsibility to the service user. If you want to not only understand how to meet the Fundamental standards but to understand the innovative ways in which to achieve a Good or Outstanding rating then you need to take a look at my book.

outstanding A Leaders Guide to cqc application


A Leaders Guide to Effective CQC Registration

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