Your Business Strategy

If you have been following the previous episodes you will now have your vision, values, and purpose all written down on your strategy on a page.  Today we get into the more strategic territory.

  I want you to look at what makes you different from your competitors, this is called your unique selling point. For example, mine is that I am flexible so clients can call me later in the day. I am the consultant you always get. I get to know your company and how it works. Not like a corporate where you may be assigned different people because it’s about numbers rather than client.

Look at your market place who are the players what approach do they take? How much of the market would you like? How do geography and demographics play a part? The marketplace is both the sector and the physical location. If you are not in the right location for your client base then the business will not be as great as you would like. 

 Now is the time to think about what customers will always get from you

What do you want clients to say about you? this is about how you want your company to be seen. Clients want consistent results. All clients should be treated equally.

 Foundations are important. You wouldn’t build a house without a good foundation because you want it to be standing for a long time. Same goes for your business you need to build it on a strong foundation and that is what you are doing. To grow without the building tumbling the foundation needs to be strong. Take time to do these steps because, in the long run, they will pay dividends  There are some core pillars that you should be looking at as part of the strategy

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