The Statement of Purpose

Welcome to episode 22  of Continuous Quality Compliance 

Today  I am talking about The Statement of Purpose.

Every provider has to complete a Statement  of Purpose as part of their CQC application .

Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009

CQC can prosecute for a breach of this regulation or a breach of part of the regulation. This means that CQC can move directly to prosecution without first serving a warning notice. Additionally, CQC may also take any other regulatory action.

 The CQC provide a template but I do not like it so I have created my own which covers  all part of schedule 3 and its nicer so you can  print or email to your new staff during induction. 

1.     The registered person must give the Commission a statement of purpose containing the information listed in Schedule 3.

2.     The registered person must keep under review and, where appropriate, revise the statement of purpose.

3.     The registered person must provide written details of any revision to the statement of purpose to the Commission within 28 days of any such revision.

Schedule 3 says:

1 The aims and objectives of the service provider in carrying on the regulated activity.

2.  The kinds of services provided for the purposes of the carrying on of the regulated activity and the range of service users’ needs which those services are intended to meet.

3.  The full name of the service provider and of any registered manager, together with their business address, telephone number and, where available, electronic mail addresses.

4.  The legal status of the service provider.

5.  Details of the locations at which the services provided for the purposes of the regulated activity are carried on. 

Point 3  

·       If a provider changes their statement of purpose, it must tell CQC what these changes are within 28 days of making the changes.

·       If a provider is applying to vary a condition of its registration, it should send CQC a copy of its proposed statement of purpose with its application.

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