Self Care

Welcome to episode 35  of Continuous Quality Compliance 

Today  I am talking about Selfcare 

I  bet your thinking what has Selfcare got to do with  Continuous Quality Compliance.    Selfcare is important because you will be less productive and effective if you are   not feeling good. If you are tired because you never stop. 

Are you the person who does not take a lunch break then reach for the nearest sugary treat? 

Did you know that sugar is addictive. It provides  Dopamine and when we get the hit we want more.  I know when I had a lot of high sugar treat during Diwali I wanted more.  I weaned myself off it again.  I don’t take sugar in my  tea or coffee. I am also wheat intolerant so not eating biscuits is easier. 

Selfcare is about giving your brain a rest it is like any other organ it needs a rest. Think of it like your smart phone and  you have all the apps open. The battery drains quickly and things slow down. This is what happens to you if you do not take breaks. Research has  shown that taking  regular breaks makes you more productive. It helps you to come up with solutions to problems you have because your giving your subconscious the time to  look at the problem and  think of a solution. 

 Gut health is so closely related to brain and heart health. I was on a workshop  the other week and a nutritionist  did a session. What you  eat  impacts  the whole body.  Movement for  your body makes a big difference. I myself have added daily walking to my morning t

routine. At first I thought  I would hate it I need a purpose to walk so I used my mindset to say I was walking to work which is in fact my home office. That change means every morning after breakfast I go for a walk. I have noticed it has helped my digestion. It has helped with my Mental health and it helps me with topping up my  vitamin D which is important for everyone.  I also get to meet dog walkers and it lovely to  exchange a smile or a hello. 

My clients who I coach and mentor tell me the selfcare side of it really helps them  The fact hat I asked them to ensure they had a lunch breaks has had an impact on their mental wellbeing and increased their productivity.   We are not machines we need time out at regular intervals. We are not designed to be sedentary for long periods. Even  stopping and doing breathing exercise or dancing to a favourite tune for 10 minutes will help.  

We cannot give from an empty vessel leaders have to be effective if you are not looking after yourself what kind of lesson are you giving your employees? If the leadership do not take breaks the staff will feel obliged to carry on. 

Give your brain a rest, be hydrated eat well and see your productivity increase. I do all these. I plan my meals and lunches  I  have greatly reduced my sugar.  I exercise and have time for myself. I do have a hectic work as I run my own business I am regional head of the ABM I love cooking and use that to  relax.  Making sourdough is a mindful activity which I enjoy.  Find what you love in downtime and plan in lunch breaks and have a short break after each task.

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