Planning is Key !

Today  I am talking about planning. Planning is so important. In the early day of my business, I did not plan. I was used to structuring given by the workplace. I used to rock up to my desk whenever I felt like it and thought that I would get inspiration by just seeing what he day brings.  I can tell you that approach does not work and meant that I was going to fold my company.

Planning what you want out of the year is crucial then breaking that down into 6 monthly and quarterly then monthly and finally your weekly goals and micro daily goals.  This will get you super focus on the task and will keep you on track. You can adjust easier when an emergency happens because you have planned. I even plan my weekly meals so each day I know exactly what I am cooking or one of the family is cooking. 

When we run a business it’s so easy to work in the business to do all the tasks but you do need to work on your business too. Take time out on, bi-weekly to view your business and how it’s going.  Of course at the end of the 90 day look at next 90 days.  Plan for the next 90 days and so on you will see the progress your making and the adjustments you need to make.  Use a wall planner so you can see what hte 90 day plan looks like.

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