Infection Control and COSHH

Infection control is important in all types of premises.  In a clinical setting even more so.   I work with home care agencies.  They should also look at infection control in their clients home for the benefit of the client but also for the safety of carers.   They may not be responsible for cleaning but they should still have a say if it affects the client. Especially if you are looking after someone with low immunity. 

 There are many resources for clinicians to follow. For those who are nurse led. The guidance from the RCN is very good especially . The  ebook is called.  Essential Practice for Infection

Prevention and Control, Guidance for nursing staff CLINICAL PROFESSIONAL RESOURCE

Practice guidance are evidence-based consensus documents, used to guide decisions about  appropriate care of an individual, family or population in a specific context.

With Covid  it is even more important that good hand hygiene is followed. Hand sanitisers are available. 

Safe handling of sharps and safe disposal of clinical  waste is also looked at by inspectors.  Decontamination of equipment , having that  in an  appropriate area is also important. I undertook a Quality assurance audit. The  Salon/Clinic owner has the autoclave in the staff room right near the microwave. There was  risk of cross commination. The staff room is also not the place for  equipment of this kind.  They also had cleaning  fluid in an office on the floor. 

There are many things to think of like spillage management 

Managing accidental exposure to blood borne viruses. If this is something that can  happen in the clinic then its really important  to have a process for when the situation arises.  A sharps injury protocol is important. 

Risk management also places a part  look at riskes and themn put in ocntrols that are approprute for your setting ine size does not fit all.  At tiems I see small bsuisses  copying what corporates do that is too big a jumpo. Different size companies need different levels of measaure  that is  right for their envirnoemt to keep infecton control at optimum. 

Every practice should be following standard infection control precautions as a minimum 

You need to also meet COSHH regulations in your premises.  Staff need to trained in COSHH. 

 have a look here for Health Safety Training which includes COSHH and infection control  basic awareness 

I also recommend looking on the HSE website it is a really good resource.

There are consequences for organisations not adhering to  infection control.

Many  organisations have not heard of  infection prevention control which is another good resource.

The  resources should be used to aid you to write a infection control policy and processes that help you to look reduce infection control reduction. 

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