CQC Notifications

Welcome to episode 23  of Continuous Quality Compliance 

Today  I am talking about Notifications 

There are certain events for which you have to notify CQC. If you do not notify CQC than it can be classed as  breach. The Portal can be used for notifications. I recommend you have a deputy who also knows how to  do notifications when the Registered Manager is away. 

You must notify CQC if the registered manager is going be away more than 28 days. Equally when they return you have to notify CQC too. So put it in a calendar/diary so you don’t forget. 

Safeguarding allegations needs to be notified to CQC . You should have forms internally to gather the information . Incident reporting forms can be used.  AS long as all the relevant information is gathered. 

Changes to registered details there are different forms for different kinds of changes so ensure you use the right one. 

  • Death of a person using the service is notifiable. 
  • Serious injury is also notifiable. 

The regulations say that the ‘registered person’ must submit notifications. This will often be the registered manager, but you can delegate this task to appropriate members of staff. You need to ensure that your delegation arrangements clearly show which members of staff are responsible for submitting notifications. These, together with your policies and procedures and staff training arrangements, must ensure that CQC is told about notifiable events properly and within the required timescales. In all cases, we need to know the name of the person who submits a notification and who we should contact for more information. There is space in the forms for this. It is the registered person’s responsibility to ensure that notifications are made, and they will be committing an offence if they fail to do so. Any arrangements for delegation of this task must therefore be very clear.

For Social care CQC have to be notified of DOLS. 

It is important to know what is a notifiable incident so you do not inadvertently have  a breach if in doubt ring them up. 

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