CQC Application Support – Expert Support and Advice with Taruna Chauhan Consultancy

Expert CQC Application Support With Taruna Chauhan Consultancy

Working With Me

I work with aesthetics businesses across England, and Scotland, helping them to put processes and procedures in place to help their businesses run more efficiently and safely as well as being aligned with either the CQC Standards or the HIS.

I know how daunting it can appear keeping abreast of changes and the volume of information that needs to be embraced and adopted, but by working with me, an Independent Consultant, Coach and Mentor, it will only ever be me that you work with. This means I can personally get to know how your business works, and plan with you what steps are the most appropriate to take (and in a consistent manner) and I will signpost you to the most relevant or interesting information on areas that impact the sector and specifically your business.

I am constantly at the centre of your ‘paper trail’, integrating this process so that all your documentation and compliance is set up appropriately.

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