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Flexible Working

With the  Flexible working legislation in place from 6th April 2024. If you employ staff you should have a Flexible working policy in place.   ACAS has good guidance here : I would recommend adding this into the policy .  Alongside this look at  the government  guidance as this is from source: The website has a …

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Organisational Values 

 Organisational values are important both for you as the owner and for your staff to understand and therefore be embedded in the organisation because everyone is living them.  Organisational values describe the core ethics or principles which the company will abide by, no matter what. They inspire employees’ best efforts and constrain their actions. … …

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IV Infusion Therapy

IV infusion therapy is increasingly used as a treatment by medical professionals. It was only available in hospitals but now it is available in clinics.  It is a quick way to get vitamins into the body as it goes straight into the bloodstream.  A Vitamin drip is a type of infusion that can administer vitamins, …

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Diversity and Inclusion

I believe that we have to be part of the change we want to see in the world. Lucy wanted to discuss what my experience was of being an Asian female author. Being interviewed gave me the opportunity to have my say. The Business Book Awards give every author and all publishers of business books …

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importance of networking


Today was an interesting day. I go networking with Woman Who, I have been networking with them ever since it started. I know Sandra who started it. It was a great atmosphere as always. I have made acquaintances and friends, one was over mistaken identity, (a story for another day). I was able to have …

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