Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring with Taruna Chauhan

A mentor is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as an “experienced and trusted adviser”.

Business Mentoring can be ;  A sounding board to discuss ideas and approaches before action is taken

An opportunity to think about things in a different way

I enjoy mentoring people to develop themselves

A mentor  is able to look at your business objectively and  support you to look at all areas of your business from the numbers to your  business and marketing strategy.  

There are no standard tools I use in business mentoring. The tools I use will depend on what the mentee wants to achieve from the sessions.

Business Mentoring with Taruna Chauhan Consultancy

I work with:


To help get on the right track with their business. If you have not run a business before it can be overwhelming to get all the jigsaw pieces to fit.

New Managers

who are  not sure how they fit  into their new role and what is expected of them or don’t feel they have the confidence.

Business Owners

who may  be stuck about where they  are going with the business.

Aesthetics Clinics

if you would like to explore if you would benefit from a mentor then please book in a call.

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